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"If you're going to solve a pest problem, make sure you get to the source." These are the words that 'bug' expert Paul Maloney, also known as the Eco Bug Doctor, lives by, and have helped him develop his craft in green pest control for the past 16+ years.


We have been getting lots of great questions on all sorts of pest-related topics, so we decided to start a new series of posts called 'Ask the Eco Bug Doctor', where we will answer your questions about insects and green pest control, starring our field zoologist and writer, Laurie, as well as the Eco Bug Doctor.


Paul Maloney, also known as the Eco Bug Doctor, has been a prominent figure in green pest control, and is renowned for his willingness to share his knowledge and green practices, to empower others to have healthy homes, without resorting to using harmful pesticides. We will cover popular topics like "how to avoid bedbugs when travelling", "How to get rid of bedbugs, ants..."--you name it, we'll find an answer!  


Have a green pest control question? Great! Send us an e-mail, and write "Ask the Eco Bug Doctor" in the subject field, and you might see your question answered on the next blog post! 





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