Good Knight™ Test Pilot - Part 1

Good Knight Beta 3.1 - bed bug control

Does it work on an actual infestation?

We were glad to find candidates that fit our criteria for testing the GoodKnight™ self-sterilizing bed system. Now we can see how the GoodKnight™ performs in a real live bed bug infestation. We needed a fairly simple case, with no more than two beds to deal with. Also, we had to be 100% sure there is a healthy population of bed bugs to attack. While reviewing some of the applications I got a call from Pierre, who was very eager to get the free trial. His two-year-old daughter was getting bitten by the bugs, and he and his partner had been dealing with this problem for about a year. They even moved out of their old apartment, into a new condo to escape the bugs, yet the problem followed them. After seeing that his household was a good fit for the project, we decided to take on their case.


Case History

Pierre and Maryse had been dealing with bed bugs for about a year. It all started with one of their student room-mates waking up one morning with over 50 red welts on his body. No one knew what it was until finally they discovered the bed bugs. After this, they threw out beds and furniture and went through two different extermination companies to get rid of the infestation. Finally, after months of trouble, they decided to move to a new bug-free place. Unfortunately, though they threw out many of their things and steam-treated what they were bringing with them, the bed bugs followed them to their new home. Now it was getting serious because the bed bugs were particularly fond of their little girl. They bought a gallon of insecticide to treat the problem themselves, treating all the cracks and crevasses of their rooms, even in the electric outlets and inside their television. To their dismay, Maryse was still getting bitten the day after, and they found live bed bugs under the pillow of their daughter. 

That is when they decided they needed to have the Good Knight™ come in.


Day 1

When we arrived with our Good Knight™ installation, Maryse and Pierre brought us to see the signs of bed bug infestation. There were black marks on the bed frame and mattress left by the bed bugs, as well as specimens to be seen. We set up the Good Knight™ around their bed and had them run the machine for a 3 hour cycle.

The next morning Maryse called me up and said “You guys are going to be millionaires!” I asked her how the test had gone, and she told me that she collected 10 dead bed bugs from the mattress after treating with the Good Knight™ and that she had finally been able to sleep without getting bitten.


Day 3

We dropped by for a short visit to see the crispy bed bugs that had been cooked by the Good Knight™, and to install a unit to treat the couch in the couple’s living room. Though it is still early in the trials I was thrilled when Maryse said “I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.” None of them had been bitten since the trial started and we are all hopeful that it will continue this way!

Check out our early footage of the Good Knight™ trial:

*Note names have been changed for anonymity 


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