Innovation to thwart bed bugs: Contriving the Good Knight™

I have noticed that it is sometimes hard for people to sympathize or comprehend the severity of having a bed bug infestation… that is unless they have themselves turned victim to this ungracious guest. Over the last few years, we have increasingly been called to the scene of an infestation. I have witnessed on innumerable occasions the psychological stress imposed by these little monsters as they take over a household.

What I think is often overlooked by those who have yet to have a true encounter with these blood suckers is that bed bugs don’t just leave you with itchy bites, but take over one of your most private and important places of rest, they deprive you of sleep and leave you feeling dirty. The stigma attached to bed bugs prevents people from even addressing the issue. Those who take on the challenge of purging their home of the critters soon realize the amount of work involved as they start washing and drying clothes on a daily basis, or sleeping on crinkly plastic wrapped mattresses.

At Eco Bug Doctor Inc. we had a bed bug service running that involved ecological treatments and bed isolation. Although we had good success with our services, the work was laborious and time consuming. We realized we needed to innovate a new solution to this growing epidemic.

Mission of Eco Bug Doctor Inc.
Creating healthier living environments with ecological, fun and innovative products and services!

In keeping with our Eco Bug Doctor mission, we knew that whatever we devised, it would have to fit three criteria: it must work, it must be ecological, and it must be easy to use. Thanks to our research, first hand experience on bed bug cases, and knowledge of bed bug biology we came to 2 main conclusions:

Conclusion 1: We know that bedbugs are obligate hematophages (only feed on blood). Though this is their main nuisance, we saw it as a weakness to be exploited. It’s true that bed bugs can live for months without feeding by going into dormancy, but so long as temperatures are good and a host (you) are there to whet their appetite, they continue to feed regularly. Therefore, isolating your bed is crucial to overcoming a bed bug infestation because it separates you (the food source) from the bed bugs hiding in your home. Furthermore, isolating the bed with traps is a crafty way of collecting bed bugs from the surrounding room that are lured to your bed.

Conclusion 2: Though important, we know that isolating the bed is not enough on its own. An isolated bed protects you from falling prey to bed bugs lurking in the room, but what about those who are already in bed with you? To get them, there must be some way of sterilizing the bed to ensure that it is both isolated and free of bed bugs. To make matters worse, beds can easily be reinfested by bed bugs carried in on people, clothing or other belongings. There are even cases where bed bugs will drop from the ceiling into an isolated bed. The only reliable way around this is to be able to sterilize the bed on a regular basis.  We decided heat was the best approach to sterilization because it is very effective at killing all stages of bed bugs and it is completely residue free.


Enter the Good Knight™, the latest bed accessory in the battle against bed bugs

Drawing from our two conclusions, we decided to design a bed or bed accessory that heat treats the bed instead of the whole room or house.  We called this device the Good Knight™. Because of its convenient design, the Good Knight™ can be left in place, ready to treat the bed at a moment’s notice. At the same time, the Good Knight™ isolates the bed and guards it against reinfestation, trapping bed bugs lured in for a meal.

The Good Knight™ invention is patent pending. If you are interested, we invite you to follow the Good Knight’s™ progress in our blogs.



GoodKnight self-sterilizing bed : the Dream Team

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