Stop Bed Bugs with “Education”, Praise God For The Printing Press

I love the book: Sultans of Sleaze, Public Relations and the Media by Joyce Nelson. The book reveals deception by public relations systems in the greedy interest of unscrupulous corporations and governments. Sound familiar? Nelson’s 20 year old book highlights the moral bankruptcy of much of our leadership, and predates our present experiences of the enormous fallout of political, economic and environmental disasters. As greater numbers of people fall out of their comfort zone, be it health, economics or bed bugs, they begin to realize our present course is harmful.

Our increasing understanding of human dynamics allows us to contrast the marginalization of Gery Owl as an environmentalists and our presently positioned social heroes like James McGill, who enormously profited from the established fur trade channels. Terms like “tobacco science” increasingly helps us understand our interesting social dynamics. Deborah Rhodes in her ( presentation: “A tool that finds 3x more breast tumors, and why it's not available to you” underlines the harm propagated by special interests. Today’s “educational” deceptions and half-truths are reminiscent of 16th century Europeans misled to buy “indulgences” for salvation. The invention of the printing press, literacy, translation and distribution of documents like the bible allowed people to better discern for themselves what was contained in the bible regarding indulgences. Because of these innovations, the Protestant Reformation crossed Europe like wildfire, fanned by Martin Luther’s documents that were copied across Europe within 6 weeks of printing! Though these “indulgences” may have funded great social projects, such distortion of truth undermines trust, a foundational social cornerstone.


Today we are experiencing the beginning of a Global Reformation largely because of our educational options. Thanks to the extraordinary resources like  ( a brave doctor like Ben Goldacre can reveal the “dodgy scientific claims made by scaremongering journalists, dubious government reports, pharmaceutical corporations, PR companies and quacks” in his presentation: What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe. Increasingly rapidly, our social leadership systems hold minimal credibility, and today’s information technology is increasingly out of their control. Yet, the profiteers of these lobbying-legal designs do hold tight to these channels of authority that create extraordinary social influence. Whatever the issue, you now have the technology to gather more information, discern more facts, and make more informed decisions. 

Now, no one can hide Leonardo da Vinci’s telescope from giving you a demonstration that proves that indeed the earth circles around the sun. And from this gathering of information you can then more dispassionately discern the truth of a matter for yourself. Had Leonardo lived now, you might even “sign” an online petition  in da Vinci’s favor.


What are these channels of influence messaging you about bed bugs? Increasingly, I hear these channels of authority pronouncing you as unqualified to kill bed bugs and that you must call someone with a chemical licensing. It appears to me that this is the net conclusion of their idea of your “education”. My education and decades of experience in ecological pest control tells me that this message puts you in harm’s way for the purpose of special interests. This blog site is my printing press to share my insights regarding bed bugs, andif you chose to share this with others, we now can be louder than these “channels of authority”. Together we can even accelerate positive change.

Important points about bed bugs that you should be sensitive to are:

  •   Your greatest tool (other than our GoodKnight invention not yet available) is a steam ironing appliance. It kills all bed bug stages including eggs.
  •   If you call a licensed company, you and your landlord will most probably be directly influenced by someone positioned to be very convincing of the necessity of chemicals. 
  •   The proprietary-product-merchandising systems have a great deal to gain from this influence, and like the comedian Chris Rock says: "Ain't no money in the cure, the money's in the medicine...that's how a drug dealer makes his money, on the comeback.“ So be informed.
  •   Though it can be very difficult, you are able to overcome a bed bug infestation yourself.
  •   Repetition and thoroughness of treatments is key.
  •   Bed bugs have a work schedule and a specific feeding place. Use the bed bug’s schedule to your advantage when doing treatments.
  •   Remember, you are the number one person to resolve the problem regardless of the services you hire.
  •   In contrast to steam, conventional chemicals cause bugs to disperse, hide deep in the structure and to go into diapause.
  •   Most chemical approaches are neurotoxins and if you do happen to suffer correlated and evident harm, you are unlikely to be able to prove causality in a court of law.
  •   Diatomaceous Earth is the ultimate pesticide that is natural and non-toxic and is a valuable tool that you should consider as needed.
  •   Your choice to use Diatomaceous Earth will not, to my knowledge, enrich any particular proprietary-product-merchandising channel, and particularly not mine.
  •   Any bed bug education program is unlikely to ever propagate as fast as bed bugs do.

Please carefully weigh out the mix of information provided by the established channels of influence. Do your part to divert harm and help protect your family, neighbors, society as well as our natural world.  We live in a new age of enlightenment, and the creator provided you the capacity to educate yourself.


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